Jeff Hellkamp

My name is Jeff Hellkamp and I have just finished a long course of treatment at The Green Room Physical Therapy. Thanks to them, I’m back walking pain free.

Let me start out first by saying that I have been fortunate in my life by not having a great need for Physical Therapy. This was only my second time in needing treat-ment at a Physical Therapy Office. What I found at The Green Room however, really opened my eyes to what a well-run, compassionate and caring facility can do in the treatment of injuries.

I was referred to The Green Room by my podiatrist who was looking to treat my chronic Achilles Tendinosis. I was in a really bad way being severely limited in walking and overall pain free movement. As a person who works most of the day on my feet, I needed help.

I was introduced to Dr. Irene Somerville and by the very first visit I felt that my treatment was going to be a success. Dr. Irene was very knowledgeable and dis-played an enthusiasm in making my treatment a success. I was at once put at ease and a plan was quickly developed for my treatment. What really impressed me was Dr. Irene’s ability to try different treatments even if they didn’t always work with everyone. One treatment actually helped me more than any other even though it isn’t always successful with Achilles injuries. Dr Irene is a true professional and a wonderful asset for her patients.

When you visit the office you first notice how calm it is. Not a mass of patients all waiting or jumping from area to area. You are greeted cordially by Gabrielle the administrative assistant who attends to your payment and paperwork. You sit briefly and then you are off to your treatment. Simple. The treatment areas are very clean and well equipped. You have privacy. The best part is that while being treated you generally stay in the same room. You are not asked to move from station to station to station like my first Physical Therapy treatment location.

Dr Bertorelli has made The Green Room into a first class facility that provides 
excellent care in a calm, professional manner. You actually feel so much better in just going there for treatment. All I can say now is Thank you.

​​Ray H.

              At an otherwise heathy and active 72, I was laid low in January by a fall and compound fracture of my left femur (the “big one” --thigh bone). After 9 weeks of "no weight” and no spring in sight, yes, I was depressed. I got to Green Room on the recommendation of another local therapist (Jon VanKempen) with whom I was duly impressed. Once into the Green Room Program, I became very impressed all over again. Having had both knees and shoulders replaced, I’ve had my fill local PT factories. Irene was a joy to work with, despite my glum attitude; she kept trying new and expanded therapies—especially helpful for tangential pain and stiffness from being in bed or a wheel chair for 9 weeks. Slowly, the healing pain and strength began to meld and I realized that I was getting better and that Irene’s patience was most responsible.

Just now, as of Aug 1, I have resumed my normal alternate days workout regimen. I still have residual ancillary knee and ankle pain, but that is yielding to the exercise. I trust both of these therapists with my life and limb and recommend that you do too.

Compassion.  Innovation.  Excellence.

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Patient Testimonials

Here at The Green Room, we believe that there is no better resource than our past patients to remind ourselves and inform our future patients of the wonderful work we aim to accomplish each day.  Compassion and caring drive us and we hope that you'll see that in the work we do.

​“There is no greater joy, nor greater reward than to make a fundamental difference in someone’s life.”

​​Mary Lou Ives

              I’d like to take this opportunity to share my experience with The Green Room Physical Therapy. By the time you reach the “golden” years, you’ve had the chance to
rely on physical therapy following surgery, or to mend another issue that may require special attention to heal.

Over the last few years, I’ve had 4 surgeries on my left foot. Each time following surgery, physical therapy was necessary to get the foot ready for every day activities again. By the time I had completed the 3rd round of PT at the 3rd location of PT, never fully satisfied with the end results. I would find myself waiting for the therapist to return to give further instructions once I completed what I was working on. Sometimes, this would become a good portion of my appointment if they were busy. The Green Room is just the opposite. I got the pleasure of meeting Dr. Ashley on my first visit and I haven’t regretted it at all. She explained everything she was doing, she was concerned about any unusual changes that would take place, she had a great memory from previous visits and kept excellent notes when they were needed for reference. I never felt more confident in my therapist at all. The staff is extremely friendly and flexible to the patient’s needs and Gabby is sweet at the front desk. Never once have I questioned my choice in calling The Green Room and feel lucky to have found them. They are not the size of the larger corporate therapy businesses, but they offer just the same if not more. In this case, size DOES matter. The best things come in small packages.

Amy Corron

    I lead an active lifestyle and enjoy regularly doing CrossFit and running. I came to the Green Room PT with chronic knee pain. I had seen another physical therapist previously who prescribed the same exercise (yes, only one!) that did nothing. After following up with a Sports Medicine Orthopedist, I was diagnosed with a bipartite patella and IT band issues and was told to never squat again. Looking for a more productive treatment approach, I started seeing Dr. Ashley 2x a week. WOW! What a difference! She listened and was responsive to the history of my knee issues and gave me a bunch of different exercises that got me back to exercising pain-free. She helped me establish better movement patterns, improved balance, and strengthened the muscles around my knee. The quality of care at every visit was outstanding. After 3-4 months of PT treatment, I have been well enough to continue CrossFit and running with self-directed PT activities. I no longer workout with the fear of being in pain and have greater enjoyment while exercising!

​​Pat Conley

             I LOVE,LOVE, LOVE this physical therapy group. I have been seeing Ashley for over a year and can honestly say that after being in constant pain with minimal movement for over 3 years, I am now able to move freely with little to no discomfort. My therapy is customized to how I feel on the day I come in so my specific issue is addressed. She is keeping me mobile and you can’t put a price on that.

In addition to the therapy, this group is sooo personable and accommodating. I love them all.

Claire Gabriel

              I have spent most of my 28 years in and out of the ER and physical therapy due to chronic pain in my joints and tendons. Unfortunately, in February, I needed to have surgery that left me physically disabled and in more pain. As doctors urged me to consider another surgery, a friend of mine recommended I try Green Room Physical Therapy before making any decisions. Feeling desperate, I called and Ashley started working me right away. She has helped me understand my body, what adds to my pain, and what I can do to work against my chronic pain condition. Ashley uses massage, Graston technique, stabilization, and muscular release therapy to help me. With her help, I’m learning to manage my aching joints and tendons. I’m so grateful that I started going to Green Room Physical Therapy. My half hour with Ashley a few times a week has been the single most helpful thing that has aided in my recovery. I highly recommended that if you are in need a physical therapy, that you consider Green Room Physical Therapy.

​​Jamie S.

              I came to The Green Room Physical Therapy for assistance with training for my first marathon. I wasn't actively in much pain but I knew in order to make it through my 18 week training plan then I needed to be aware of issues that may come up, and have come up. Dr. Ashley has been so helpful in keeping my body in the best shape, and assisting me with pains in my hip and foot as they start to act up due to an increase in running. I have learned so much at each appointment on how to take care of my body in the best way possible, as well as the importance of physical therapy. I have been in PT previously however nothing compared to the compassion, and hands on care you receive at The Green Room PT. I highly recommend this practice to everyone I meet that talks about aches/pains and would benefit from the amazing services offered.


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Madelyn Collins

              I was a patient at the Green Room last year after having a tumor removed from my thoracic spine. I was very weak, my balance was poor, and I needed a cane. After several months of therapy with Ashley I was stronger than I'd been in years, the cane was retired, and my balance was restored. All the staff at the Green Room are such nice people that it was always a pleasure to go for my sessions...and I was able to see progress every week. Ashley taught me many exercises I could do at home, so I could continue to stay strong without getting bored doing the same exercises every day. I'd previously gone to elsewhere for PT, but found the one-on-one sessions at the Green Room make all the difference....I always knew I was doing the exercises correctly because Ashley was watching to make sure I did so and was able to correct me before I got into bad habits. Also, working one-on-one allowed her to constantly be adjusting my routine to get maximal results. I recommend the Green Room to anyone I meet who needs PT. They're the best!

​​Deborah Lyman

              Physical therapy was needed after my meniscus surgery on my left knee. During the recovery time my previous physical therapist closed his business. Before he did, he made sure his current clients would receive the same one-on-one care he gave. Ashley provided that so he referred me and others to her if we wanted to go.

I learned exercises to help recover that were much more beneficial once I switch to The Green Room.

During that year of recovery, I had a bicycle accident, one that broke both wrists, a hand and an elbow. Again, Ashley worked me through the recovery period showing me ways to restore my mobility in both wrists and hand. Today, one year later, I can say I have full usage of the knee, wrists and elbow because of her and the exercises I was given and still use today. The tingling in my hands has 99% cleared up as well.

Ashley is also trained in a treatment using pressure points on the body to help an injured area. I found this extremely helpful.


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